Latest Trends of Android Mobile App Development in 2017


Every year we see something new in the technology world and day by day its progress will be increase.

Android is the fastest growing operating system and burst into It world. It provides a wide range of services in all sizes of industries. This year will surely bring us new and interesting Android products.

Android Mobile App Development

Let’s Have a Look at Latest Trends…

Android Instant Apps – new trend in digital universe

What is Instant Apps?

If you required a certain app, but it’s not installed in your phone and a mobile Internet connection doesn't allow its quick installation from Google Play. So, Google developed Instant Apps to provide users with quick access to Android apps.

  • You don’t have to download or install that app to use it. It serves automatically when you click it.
  • Instant Apps traffic is comparable to normal web page traffic. So our phones & tablets won't be full of various applications that we need only once.
  • Instant Apps' technology has a great potential. This fact is indisputable.

Location Based Services

With the availability and ease of use of GPS on all mobile devices today, location-based services (LBS) will begin to evolve further

  • This feature will let the users get real time information along with great deals.
  • You can implement LBS in areas such as indoor mapping, retail offers, navigation, tours, tourism and many more.
  • Big businessmen and entrepreneurs have already started flourishing with this feature.

Android AI-assistant – interaction between you and phone

Game developers are trying to add more and more AI into their games to make gamers feel as if they are in a real world. We use voice assistants and chatbots on our mobile devices.

Google promised to continue the integration of its new supporter Google Assistant into upcoming Android devices. Improved features and intellectual skills are the main advantages of the upgraded assistant.

  • The AI-based assistant is able to converse with the user, clarify necessary information, and act as a smart chatbot.
  • The bot is able to recognize even complicated commands. As developers promise, this function will be improved in the course of time.
  • Besides, the virtual assistant allows you to switch off the light in your home through Google Home, book a table in a restaurant etc.
  • 2017 will witness people as they Hire Android Developer and let them implement AI into the applications.
  • Due to the AI, the apps could change its color or pictures. It will be done based on what the customers are looking for. It can be used in self learning apps to a great extent.

Improvement of Android app security

The apps' total security will be increased due to automatic security updates that will make interactions with the app easier and safer.

We hope to see new integrated security features in mobile operating systems this year.

  • Use of extensive codes and other high security features will help you to enable a high level of security in your device.
  • You can share any number of data and documents on the apps without any fear.
  • Apps with security features are being loved by Android users.

These above are the big predicted trends in Android mobile development. When all these trends become completely available, it will be possible to make a correct unbiased assessment.

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