There is no doubt that the mobile era is propelled by the rise of Android – an open-source mobile operating system developed by Google! You get the most basic smartphone to the world’s most advanced smartphones on Android. This phenomenon has made Android be one of the most popular mobile operating systems of the current time and it is assumed that Android will take over iOS (iPhone) very soon across the globe! There are countries where Android has already surpassed the iPhone. 

Having said that, how are you copping up with a mobile application for your business! If you own a business and have a website but don’t have mobile presences then you are losing an unknown chunk of business that your peers or competitors might be enjoying with their presence on mobile. 

Being a mobile application and mobile website development company we come across regularly the clients that don’t have a mobile app or mobile website yet however as soon as their business starts offering things on the Android platform, they start getting more leads, feedback, and business!

How much android app can add value in your business

Having an Android app ensures you have begun to reach a huge mass with a clear distinguish from your competitors! You are giving an additional and the most convenient way to your prospects and customers both to get in touch. 

Small & mid businesses always have a myth about the pricing of Android application development. CrossShore Solutions offers the most affordable android application development services to its clients across the globe. We found 6 out of 10 customers amaze with our prizing when they approach us for their android application development work. 

The majority of the businesses pretend that android application development will cost them very high like US$ 3000 or even higher! Our approach for Android application development is very different than other application development companies of the same grade. We offer the best suitable features for our customers by using our dual expertise in domain and technology! This makes our customers very comfortable working. 

Here is another evidence why you MUST consider having a mobile app for your business – believe me irrespective of your business it will help you

Android app benifit as per forbes survey

Source: Forbes News 

Having an android application will enable your business to, 

  • Get in constant touch with your customer 
  • Free & Convenient way of sending offers (Push Notifications) 
  • A strong brand reminder as your app sits on customer’s devices 
  • Offer your catalog 
  • Offer your locations / branches / map & direction 
  • Offer mobile ordering for your products 
  • Share customer testimonials and feedback and build their confidence 
  • Send reminder notifications 
  • And many more… 

Are you looking for an android application developer or a mobile application developer? 

We will be happy to help you with android application development. 

CrossShore Solutions is an agile mobile application development company offering the best android and iPhone app development services to its clients across the globe. We have our offices in Singapore, USA, and India. We are just an email or a phone call away!

Harshul Shah

Published by Harshul Shah

Harshul Shah is a tech geek with more than 15 years of software development experience on mobile and web technologies extensively. He is a founder CrossShore Solutions that provides custom web, mobile & enterprise application development services to clients across the globe. Harshul has acquired an in-depth understanding of mobile app designing, development, marketing, and app store optimization and helped numerous clients across the globe that includes some of the patent-pending startups, small to mid-scale businesses and fortune 500 companies.

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