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Many individuals and companies have identified the potential of the App store economy and launched innovative iPhone apps however very few from millions of apps can capitalize on the platform provided by Apple! Fundamentally a successful application doesn’t just depend upon a good idea but it also equally depends upon building a quality application that can engage the users and providing them the post-launch support.

If you have an idea for an iPhone or iPad app, but don’t possess the skills to develop it yourself, you’re in the need of a good iPhone app developer to code it for you! Hiring a mobile app developer can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t know the basics.

The majority of the time people hire the wrong developer and they become victims! There are many factors involved that can cause the wrong hiring. For Example, Focusing only on cost, Focusing only on their work portfolio or considering local developers only because you have only heard all negative things about Outsourcing!

I know that people have written plenty of things about how to hire a best fit iPhone app developer however they fail to deliver their dream app! This is where I thought to share my experience with anyone looking to hire an iPhone app developer.

1. Individual Developer Vs. Company

If you are working on your dream app (usually YES) then do not work with an individual developer or a freelancer.

I am not against of freelancers but I can see the risks which associated with any freelancers like

  • Met an accident
  • Fall sick and the development delayed by a few weeks
  • Freelancer stuck in a technical issue that has taken his few days to figure out the solution

You have to take off the above situations from your end only.

If you are dealing with a company then you have already eliminated such risks. You can directly raise your complaint to the concerned person and most of the companies will take care of such aspects as they want the business from you instead of your rejection in the future!

2. Requirement Understanding

Knowing iPhone development or iOS development is purely a technical skill however mapping the technology with your requirement is not every one’s expertise.

  • Development company can understand your vision & requirement thoroughly.
  • Talk with a development company directly either on Skype or Phone before finalizing your project instead of just finalizing everything on email.
  • Vocal communication will ensure that you are dealing with the right company!

3. Technical Expertise – Portfolio Vs. Testimonials

How do you check the technical expertise?
There are 2 ways – check either portfolio or testimonials.

  • After only checking portfolio and believe that you are dealing with a right expertise company then it may be your mistake.
  • Expertise of knowing and expertise of performing has a big difference.
  • Portfolio can only tell you about company expertise but testimonials can add more velue about company performance.

4. Post Development Glitches & Support

If any company claims that they build 100% bug-free apps then you can be sure that they haven’t worked extensively on reasonable size projects and apps!

Multimillion-dollar companies like Google, Apple or Microsoft also develop apps and their apps do have bugs!

  • The most important aspect of any app is how you handle the post-development glitches!
  • Check with the company if they have any process to support your real-world unseen issues when they arise after launch?
  • CrossShore Solutions provides 60 days post-deployment warranty for all their iPhone application development work.
  • We have set up a clear process of handling the glitches with a top priority since we understand what it costs when you lose the business!

5. Technology Breadth

The release of new technological advancements is faster than you anticipate and it is becoming extremely important to keep your iPhone app upbeat with the release of new iOS, devices, and resolutions.

Check out the company skills before giving your app work. If you are tied up with a company that has limited technology bandwidth then it will hurt your growth in the direct proportion.

You never know the new changes in the technology may demand you to look for other platform support for your app!

I know that people have written plenty of things about how to hire a best fit iPhone app developer however they fail to deliver their dream app! This is where I thought to share my experience with anyone looking to hire an iPhone app developer.

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